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Sure Path to Make Money Online

Everybody is searching for the sure-path to make money online, and I’ve got the answer for you.Whatever activity you want to follow to make money online, be sure you start by building a squeeze page.Why the Emphasis on Building a Squeeze Page?Because without a squeeze page you can’t build a list, and without a list you’ll find it difficult to make significant money online. It’s that simple, and whoever tells you otherwise is lying to you.You’ll see offerings for systems and software which will give you tons of sales without a squeeze page and without a list.Perhaps these methods can produce results for an experienced marketer who’s found some loophole to exploit. But these methods are not viable for the newbie, or the struggling online marketer.Why is that?Because people buy only from those they know, like and trust.And How Do You Build Trust?By talking to your audience through repeated contacts, usually emails where you can deliver a personalized message. This is how your audience gets to know you and trust you. And this is why you must have a squeeze page to capture those all important email addresses.Of course, there is more to it than just building a squeeze page. You also need to build a sales funnel.Sales FunnelThe sales funnel consists of a squeeze page to capture emails, a valuable free offer or gift that will entice people to give you their email addresses.Next you will need an auto-responder to hold the email addresses, and the messages you will use to talk to your audience.These messages will deliver valuable content. As a byproduct of this process, you will establish yourself as an authority in your field.The auto-responder will be the mechanism that allows you to automate the entire process.Why Doesn’t Everybody Have a List?There are several reasons, but the most common are that struggling online marketers get conned into believing that there are easier ways to make money online, like fancy software, and “systems” which bypass the need for a list. Not true!Perhaps the most important reason is that building a list, is unfortunately, not easy. It takes work, and we have all been conditioned to believe that making money online should be easy. After all, you’re supposed to make your fortune while you sleep!If you accept the reality that making money online is going to take some effort on your part, you can build a system, your system, which can begin to produce an initial trickle of sales. It will be, after all, one of the fairly easy ways to make money online.By persevering, this trickle will become a steady flow of earnings which can eventually replace your nine to five income.The choice is yours!