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Do It Yourself Public Relations

I firmly believe that anyone can do their own public relations. I even wrote the book on it!Here’s what you need to start your own public relations efforts:1. Ask yourself the following questions:
What is my budget? (I recommend 5% of projected gross sales)
What are the goals I’d like to achieve with this plan? (examples: increase awareness of a new product, drive traffic to a Web site, change a perception)
Who is my target market? (demographics, geographic area, etc.)
Who/what are my primary referral sources? (happy clients, complementary service providers, Web sites, etc.)
How will I measure my success? (increase in traffic, increase in product awareness determined by surveys, etc.)
2. Here is a list of typical Public Relations activities:
Publicity – getting editorial coverage in the media
Speaking – often for free, in order to gain credibility which leads to increased business
Writing articles – increases credibility and drives Website traffic
Writing a book – increases credibility and can provide revenue from book sales, speaking engagements and additional business
Applying for awards – increases credibility, which leads to increased business
Seminars and workshops – can be a revenue generator, and increases credibility
Special events – increases awareness
Writing a newsletter – increases one-on-one contact, raises credibility
Charity Involvement – people would rather do business with someone who helps the community
Online Public Relations – increases Website traffic which can lead to increased business
3. Each time you conduct an activity, evaluate its success, based on your goals.By conducting your own public relations efforts, you are on your way to promoting your business effectively, which will lead to business growth. Get started on your P.R. today!To learn the step-by-step formula for doing your own Public Relations, including how to implement each type of public relations activity, actual pitches, press releases and interviews with the media, and more, see my Do It Yourself Public Relations Kit (TM), available at: